Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomorrow I start my new "job." It's not really a job, per say, it's volunteer work, but it's getting me out of the house. I don't think I've ever been so relieved to do something for free.

Since my last post, Bill and I decided that instead of expending so much energy on finding a job in a city where I'm such a small fish, why not volunteer all the time I'm virtually wasting? So, the same day I offered my admin and clerical services, I got a phone call back, taking me up on them. I'll be working with the Points of Light Foundation which is a parent organization that provides support for smaller volunteer organizations like the HandsOn Network. I'll be volunteering on an internal level in the POL Headquarters doing special projects.

Here's the cool doing this and getting my foot in the door, I could apply for a paid position when one opens up or, I'd have a leg up on others when AmeriCorp positions open up. That would provide me with health insurance and non competitive status for Federal jobs for 1 year. I don't see any downsides here.

So I'm all syked up and doing stuff to get ready. Stuff like painting my toes and trying on my work clothes, etc. Holy shit! That 10lbs that crept up on me because I've been sporting my Adidas pants for the past 4 months and didn't realize my ass was getting fatter has caused my pants to not fit. It's so bad, even Bill who totally loves my big ass said "Your not going to wear those pants to work are you?" Burn.

Luckily, there's one or two pairs I can wear that aren't too horrendous and upon scoping the joint out on my interview, there were people wearing jeans and such. I should be okay.

Plan of action:
  1. go back to eating half of what I would normally eat. That's how I lost all that weight before. Unless it's fruit or veggies, of course.
  2. exercise. Get up out of bed at 6 am and go to the free gym that is about 50 yards away from my front door and use it, for 45 minutes each morning. Make sure I sweat and can't sing along to my ipod; that way I know I'm working hard enough.
  3. No snacking. I stopped snacking the first time I lost weight.
  4. No more food after dinner. That worked for me last time too.
I think that just by being out of the house and away from the kitchen all day will help tremendously.

Oh, to add insult to injury, I'm insanely bloated. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I totally hate you Mother Nature. Bish.

I can not stress how happy I am to be getting out of this apartment. I really hope POL needs me 5 days a week. Gotta go, laundry to do and dinner to cook.

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nikki said...

No negatives to volunteering. Crossing my fingers that it turns in to something permanent.